To Bake or not To Bake

It has been a workout for my mind. Going through what seems like a gazillion recipes, just to find the cake that will make the finance’s birthday a memorable one. I’m almost sure I’ve found the perfect one. I say almost ’cause I’m never 100% positive about anything I’m going to bake.

It began in 1970, I was 8 years old and had to have an Easy Bake Oven. After all, “all my friends had one”! Santa was kind enough to bring me one. I was hooked.  It even out ranked the Barbie I got for my birthday the following year.  There was something magical in that ooey gooey mix that funneled through that oven to become a wondrous, golden, sweet smelling concoction on the other side.  That started my baking obsession.  Daddy must have gained a few pounds from what that lovely toy turned out.  Since then I have turned out way more failures than successes, but when the success comes, oh glorious day!

The cake for the finance’s birthday?  We’ll have to wait and see. What do you think, success or failure?



Author: heartblesser1962

I am a mother, a MeeMaw, a sister, a daughter, a fiance', a dreamer, a lover of crafts and diy projects, and I am a crocheter. Today, I am a blogger. Yes, I've tried my hand(s) at this in the not so distant past, but isn't that how you learn? Bear with me as I try to interest you in all things that interest me.

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